Everyone Have This One Fev Thing That . . .

Dear, my dearest sport. I think, it is just the time that my heart and body need some rest from those all problem from inside and outside in my everyday life. 

We are not breaking up. Just, a comma, a pause. Let my brain and body to chill down a bit from those heat of daytime sunlight, and the pain of the injuries.


Nah, why am I being such aaaa hmm, what is that word eh. Too parabola ? Talk like the sport is my couple ? Ha ha ha.

Softball. I have been playing it since I was standard 5 which was on year 2004.

SK Sena 2004 Softball Team
The only picture on that time that I still have. Glad!
The last tournament I entered was at Thailand, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) Open.

The second last was at Singapore, as one of the player in UiTM's team. Friendly matches with their national  team and Singapore Polytech's team.

On both participant of me, I didn't perform well. To be honest, I can't perform well.

Well. These body of mine just don't act like it suppose to be any more. I lost my confident. 

Coach Am. Haha. My state coach that has taught me about softball, trained me, dera pun ada, the one and only reason why I turned black, since I was 11y/o until 18y/o.

Aku macam dah masuk dengan cara dia bagi training tak kira seteruk mana pun. Tapi, bila coach lain yang bagi training, suddenly, the sad feeling came. Pfft

I miss him. Later on nak pergi melawat lah. 

The team. Those same faces of my team. Haha. Every year, mesti ramai je muka yang sama yang join pergi MSSM.

And, yeah, still masih ramai yang main lagi sampai sekarang.

Yang muda still dalam team, yang dah tua-tua like me tuh semua masuk under Kelab Softbal/Besbol Perlis secar tak rasmi.

Everyone Have This One Fev Thing That . . . mesti perlu kurangkan. As, there are some other important thing that needs more attention and to focus on to.

Do you have one too ?

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