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Have You Ever Realized This ?

Bla bla bla


Kalendar Mayan Kiamat 2012 jadi carian ye sekarang ? Dengan tetiba post aku yang satu tu lonjak pulak hasil carian di Google. Ah well, mungkin kimat 2012 tu hanya satu stratergi perniagaan/ ekonomi persendirian/syarikat.
Who knows ? People might be too stupid to realize their stupid-ness sometime.

Again, she came when I have to decide whether I need to stay focus on one thing/person or just do it halfway, and then aku teringat post aku yang dulu Kiri atau Kanan. ; she - same person on that post.
"Hati buaya" . Kak Dhiya mentioned that name ? on that post. And yeah, I did laugh for a while :D
The question is, why the same person ? I wonder is out there lives someone who knows what I am thinking about and trying to make myself as a blurr taking time on this childish decision of.
Or is He trying to tell me something ? I wonder, what it is about.
Macam post lepas, I choose not her (she), again.


Sem baru started :D 
Dan sekarang, Dip UiTM sedang cuti :D *jangan …

I Should Not Forget This!

What you can say about someone, whom just broke up with their couple, and suddenly, in a short period of time, they got them a new one ? Means, new boyfriend or new girlfriend.
Well, you can say, "He is a handsome and charming, so no wonder lah dude" or "She is beyond gorgeous, and way more to a warm heart princess. If I'm a less, I just want her."
For some normal teenagers (not so handsome, not so charming, not so gorgeous), when they love (sayang) someone, they want it to be a last long relationship. 
normal teenagers there, maksud aku, bukan jenis murahan. 
Di stesen bas lelaki : "Hi cute, saya suka awaklah, boleh kita couple ?" perempuan : "Auuu, gentlemannyeww, okay!"
Muah muah muahhh
And, when these type of teenagers (bukan murahan) broke up with their couple, they have to go through a phase where their mind will plays with their feeling.
Feels missing. *(for someone whom still love their partner)

In this phase, you should be careful, o…