What I found In Facebook Today ? PRU ?


Me and facebook nowadays are not a good friend, but I randomly visit it one time per week or maybe two.

I just went for the videos and check for the updates from my favourite subscribe - vsauce, theoatmeal and travia mania.


Since, PRU dah nak dekat, so I found beberapa video yang berkaitan, status berkaitan PRU ? Loya mata.

Here are some videos. - that I found. (PRU related ?)

*if you can view video from facebook, then, you can view these videos. **need flashplayer.

Meh, hearing about PRU related is a need since we are Malaysian and this is OUR country, but not all of the stuff we need to hear, since kebanyakan menaikkan diri dengan menjatuhkan orang je. 

So, here are videos from Travia Mania. Enjoy :D

See ya :)

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