Could This Be Wrong ?

I have read,heard many stories wrote,told by the person himself about their exciting journey, travel and experiences.

Just by reading and listening to em, made me wanna feel it too, wanna have the same story as they do.

Ambil contoh terdekat(to me).

The owner and writer of saiazuanblog's blog.

He was in Krabi Island for 2 times, and Hatyai once(as I remember). Both places are in Thailand which its border just right next to me but still, I haven't have the chances for even once to step on that island known by its delicious seafood(crab), sceneries, and beach. 

Why couldn't I go there too ? Money.

By reading some of the posts in his blog, many of em,made this one thought came out of my mind, "Wow! Dia surely jalan a lot!"

Jealousy, for sure, for I couldn't do myself as what he had did.

This teenage hormone of mine makes me wanna see the world with my own eyes. *I have 4, after adding my glass

Can I make traveling as my hobby-to-be ? Travelling ke touring ? -__-

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