Just a Game That I Miss.....

Just so I have published earlier in Everyone have This One Fav Thing in Nov last year, about why and why I stop playing sofball until now. 

But still, I miss this game.
MSSPs Softball 2013 under 18

MSSPs Softball 2013 under 18 was end this evening(21st May). Johan for this year, went to SMK Lailatul Syahrin, sorry if I write the school's name wrong. I am lucky still got the chances to see the semi final, and final game since coincidentally knew about it from my call to a friend, asking about other stuff.   

Tempat ke-2 SMV Arau, ke-3 SMK Sheh Ahmad, ke-4 SMK Perlis.

ps : awat taktau, makin lama, English makin ke laut -__-

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