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Confusing, Maznah, What Happen ?

Haven't you heard about Maznah's video case tu ? About penjagaan anjing and ucapan hari raya with le dogs ? - google this yourself, I have no intention on showing to you with something that people did wrong.
They said, what Maznah doing is menghina agama.

From my opinion.
- Yes, we(muslims) knows that, anjing ialah salah satu perkara yang perlu disamak jika disentuh ketika basah, sebab ia dikategorikan di dalam najis besar, what ? Najis mughollazah ? 
- Haram dan halal ? I have never heard that sentuh anjing ialah haram.
Bab membela anjing di dalam rumah, I seen nothing wrong in doing that, but if she let her dogs berjalan dari luar ke dalam ke tempat sembahyang and tempat tempat lain yang boleh meragukan dan membatalkan wuduk dan membuatkan dia dalam keadaan 'tidak bersih dari najis besar', well, that will be a 100% wrong.
It is sad somehow, for how fast people judging other people base on a picture and some video clip.
How about if that Maznah has a less knowledge in I…

Berbuka Puasa - Mai Cafe

To live as anak perantauan, study far away from home, tambah pulak di bulan Ramadhan, berbuka puasa tanpa keluarga. Kadang-kadang sorang-sorang, selalunya bersama kawan.
So, our leader, our president has planned an event before cuti raya datang, which was berbuka puasa beramai-ramai, and took place at Mai Cafe Herbal Kopitiam

The plan has succeed, almost 60 people came. At first, this event just for 2 groups that has been together since part 1, but there are few that came into the groups later (tukar group), and most of them came too.
The foods ? I just tasted two foods, chicken chop and cheesy chicken. Both tastes awesome. Mengenyangkan dan harga pun puas hati. Theme ala ala kampung, with them, this is just another memory to be remembered about later on.

Side event - sambut birthday membe :D Happy Birthday Dayat!
And, I believe, this video were meant to all people that are watching. Walaupun dah nak raya, Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Hari Raya :D

ps : raya berapa hari bulan tah ? -.-

Business Plan Outline - Guidance


1.Introduction (Arial 12, BOLD)
1.1.Name of the company
1.2.Nature of Business
1.3.Industry Profile
1.4.Location of the business
1.5.Date of business commencement
1.6.Factor in selecting the proposed business
1.7.Future prospects of the business

2.Purpose of preparing the business plan (Arial 12, BOLD)
2.1.To evaluate the project viability and growth potential
2.2.To apply for loans or financing facilities from the relevant financial institutions
2.3.To act as a guideline for the management of the proposed business
2.4.To allocate business resources effectively

3.Company Background (Arial 12, BOLD)
Table 3.1 Company Background
Name of the Company
Business Address
Correspondence Address
Telephone Number
Form of Business
Main Activity
Date of Commencement
Date of Registration
Registration Number
Name of Bank
Bank Account Number

4.Background of Shareholders (Arial 12, BOLD)
4.1.1.General Manager
Table …