Berbuka Puasa - Mai Cafe

To live as anak perantauan, study far away from home, tambah pulak di bulan Ramadhan, berbuka puasa tanpa keluarga. Kadang-kadang sorang-sorang, selalunya bersama kawan.

So, our leader, our president has planned an event before cuti raya datang, which was berbuka puasa beramai-ramai, and took place at Mai Cafe Herbal Kopitiam 

Mai Cafe
aku takda, jangan cari

The plan has succeed, almost 60 people came. At first, this event just for 2 groups that has been together since part 1, but there are few that came into the groups later (tukar group), and most of them came too.

The foods ? I just tasted two foods, chicken chop and cheesy chicken. Both tastes awesome. Mengenyangkan dan harga pun puas hati. Theme ala ala kampung, with them, this is just another memory to be remembered about later on.

Side event - sambut birthday membe :D Happy Birthday Dayat!

And, I believe, this video were meant to all people that are watching. Walaupun dah nak raya, Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Hari Raya :D

ps : raya berapa hari bulan tah ? -.-

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