Changes ? Nahhhh


I do believe, in everyone life, there will be at least once, where they had changed to a more-good or some-badass.

I had one. It happen on 2011. The sudden changes. I became su-crazily-per lazy. That was the time when all things I did, bring no good on me, especially on my studies. 

Since that day, I had living in that state for almost 2 years until today, yes, am still freakingly lazy.

Am lazy in everything, except for one thing, guess what ? It is sleeping. Yes, I can sleep for like hmmm 24 hours if I had nothing to do or no one wake me up. 

Genius Aiman is no more. Books, pity em, I rarely read them like years back then. 


I do think.

Why, even I realized of this sick-fuc*ing-ness, still am not doing nothing about it ?

I think about the 'why', not about how to overcome it. See how lazy am I ?

Just why Aiman

ps : Actually, I wanna start changing to be that good Aiman back, but still my body seems didnt want to move. And I do know why I changed to become like this. I let my emotion control my life. Pathetic

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