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Macam Mana ALTEL

Aku baru je lepas tukar ke ALTEL. Dari Celcom ke ALTEL, so normal lah, sim baru, so expect semua mesti berubah dari cara periksa baki, subscribe mobile internet, customer service, apn dan lain lain. 
Dan yeah, memang kebanyakkannya lain.
Dari pengalaman naluri aku menyuruh untuk menggodek google mencari apa-apa yang aku perlu dan ingin tahu macam mana nak handle ALTEL ni, banyak website tak kasi info sangat, then aku pun pening.
So, untuk mengelak dari ramai lagi orang pening. Aku list down beberapa soalan beserta jawapan yang timbul dalam kepala aku seawal penggunaan.
Berdasarkan pengalaman aku seorang.

Q : Kenapa tak muncul nama ALTEL dekat atas phone ? Carrier's name maksud soalan ni.
A : ALTEL guna apn celcom. For now maybe, don't ask why.
celular data (iPhone + Android)
APN : celcom3g Username : (leave blank) Password : (leave blank)
APN : celcom3g Username : (leave blank) Password : (leave blank) MMSC : MMS Proxy : MMS Max Message…

Tanah dan Relung

Negeri Utara ada banyak kawasan tanah dijadikan sebagai bendang. Setiap kali musim menuai, mesti ada yang terdengar dengan perkataan "relung". Bagi yang tidak memilik bendang, mesti tertanya tanya, "relung tu apa?" , "1 Relung berapa ekar ?".
Ooooooo musim menuai banyak burung layang-layang ~ ~ 

Straight to the main question, Relung tu apa ?
Kalau berkaitan dengan tanah, relung ialah satu unit ukuran yang besar, yang menggantikan unit ukuran asas dalam kaki persegi dalam ukuran tertentu. Mana ada sekarang kita dengar "pakcik ada tanah 30 976 kaki persegi kat belakang rumah". Jenuh garu.
Seperti yang pakcik cerdik kat atas mention, 1 relung bersamaan dengan 30 976 kaki persegi. Jadi, kat sini ada lagi sorang yang tak lebih cerdiknya nak tunjuk beberapa lagi ukuran untuk tanah.
1 Rantai                 = 66 kaki persegi
1 Ekar                    = 10 Rantai 1 Ekar                    = 43 560 kaki persegi / 4 046.86 meter persegi
1 Ekar                    …

Sains Kuantitaif Part 5

Baru hari ni sempat nak buat post untuk Part 5 ni. Kekeke. This will be a short post, only to mention the subjects that I took on that sem, and maybe subjects will be taken by you.
ENT 300 (3.00 jam kredit) - Fundamental of Entrepreneurship. Ent, dalam subjek ni, akan belajar tentang keusahawanan. Bermula daripada maksud sehingga teori teori perniagaan. You will learn, the role of important managers in a company; admin, financial, general, marketing. Lots of reading, but still fun to learn :D
FIN 260 (3.00 jam kredit) - Fundamental of Finance. Financeeeeeeee, semuanya kira kira kira, bab duit lah der. Bab bab pinjam tahun ni berapa tahun relevant untuk bayar balik beserta kaedah(interest) yang sesuai macam tu lah. Ada teori jugak of course, apa tu bond etc. I got B for this -.- so it was still fun. Hahaha
ITS 232 (3.00 jam kredit) - Introduction to Database Management System. For short, we call this subject as ITS. You will learn how to manage a problem(situation), its relationship w…

The World Changed

Ini kali pertama aku cuba blogging guna mobile. Didnt know the view from destop though, but everything I see in this blogspot's app is just great. 
The world has changed aite ?
I wonder, what was blogging be like back then ? I mean, when the time internet was not invented yet.
Newspaper has become news portal, such as 
Hang out, most likely has become facebook group chatting, skyping, scrolling twitter/facebook/insta timeline.
Seeking answers for questions has become, google-ing. 
Blog-ing, what was back then ?

ps : I love blogging 👍

Blogspot Blocked/Locked

I believe this is for some people will be like a mini heart attack, for a moment, the blog that has been spent so much time, disappear.
Well, that was what I felt when that happened to me. Thinking "Wth login my blog and delete it", "where has I been login and simply forgot to log out?" to myself.
Then I found an option where it was never there before, the "Locked blogs" and my blog was inside it. Duhhh "what has I done this time ? Is google trying to terminate my Google Adsense by locking my blog ?"

Tried to find a way how to unlock it back, and saw a "Request Unlock Review" option, clicked on it, and it showed a notice that my blog has a malware in it, and a link redirect to the Google Webmaster Tools.
In Google Webmaster Tools, under the "Crawl" tab, clicked on the "Security Issues" and it showed me what was wrong with my blog.
And it was this javascrip script that I used to show my sitemap on a post
<script src=&qu…

Aku Stress Jugak Lah

Here is a picture of a viewer of one of the most viewed malay's blog on the internet ; akustressgiler . blogspot . com
And, me here sit beside her like "this blog really is something".
Some might assume that, that kind of blog is EASY to create. Well, you just need to create a blogspot blog, find some attractive materials on the internet, then do the last magic awesome superb step which is copy and paste, repeat the step 20 times per day, and puff, you will have yourself a such-that blog.
But, to be precise, how many out there has been thinking the same way as I mentioned above ? And how many has succeed ?
If it is so EASY, then why it is so 'small amount'* of success that-kind-of-blog blog ?
That is a great question mark there. Why ?

Some will say, mostly are the webmasters and bloggers, that kind of blog has no respect towards others idea, because the violation of originality.
That no-respect-towards-others-idea-because-the-violation-of-originality blog has ga…

Bypass Blocked Website on iPhone, Coincidently

Methods on bypassing blocked website on computer has been spread widely on the internet. Most of the methods work. The simplest way is to change the preferred and alternate DNS address on the IPv4 properties to '' and '' . It has been months, I tried to find the method to bypass the blocked website on iPhone running iOS 7. Yesterday, coincidently I managed to get into those website while am trying to use the same method (mention above) on iPhone hotspot.
I don't know how it worked, or what are the steps, but this is what I did.
First, I ensured that my iPhone is connected to wifi. Changed the DNS address under DHCP tab in Wi-Fi section to '' . Tried to open the blocked website using safari, and it worked.
But, I thought, it would be quite troublesome if I has to search for wifi whenever I want to open those website. 
With 'I should have try first' feeling, unconnected the wifi, and browsed those blocked website using Cellular Network…

Fireworks, World's Record ?

Fireworks (bunga api), who didn't love to watch it sparks on the sky ? While everyone were talking about how glorious and spectacular their fireworks' show for the New Year's Eve, Dubai has made a world record (rekod dunia) on it.
"Ten months in planning, over 500,000 fireworks were used during the display which lasted around six minutes, with Guinness World Records adjudicators on hand to confirm that a new record had been set," the Guinness website said.

Yahoo says, for Dubai to break the World Record, the cost of it was almost $6 million.
Video's link - Dubai dazzle in global 2014 party
While many says that, around the world, for each country's expenses on the fireworks, if spent for the better purpose, cut the taxes, feed the homeless, might do some good of the money.

SEO Contest ?

Not everyone know what is the real understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and neither do I. Recently, there was a SEO contest held by Erid with participation more then 100. 
I read almost all participant entry (exclude the slow loading website), and found numerous methods of SEO being used and some of them just used a simple method on their entry.
I have stop reading about Google's way on how they find the most relevant page with the keyword keyed in. But, the ways that I know on how to success in putting your entries at the top of the Google Search result are by ;
BacklinkTraffic - direct, referral, organic, campaignKeyword RatioJust that.
There are some webmasters said that, people nowadays, misunderstood of the real meaning of the SEO contest.
I wonder what would it be ? 

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014 - Happy New Year 2014

ps : rasa macam terabut gila english aku. tegur la :(