Aku Stress Jugak Lah

Aku Stress Giler

Here is a picture of a viewer of one of the most viewed malay's blog on the internet ; akustressgiler . blogspot . com

And, me here sit beside her like "this blog really is something".

Some might assume that, that kind of blog is EASY to create. Well, you just need to create a blogspot blog, find some attractive materials on the internet, then do the last magic awesome superb step which is copy and paste, repeat the step 20 times per day, and puff, you will have yourself a such-that blog.

But, to be precise, how many out there has been thinking the same way as I mentioned above ? And how many has succeed ?

If it is so EASY, then why it is so 'small amount'* of success that-kind-of-blog blog ?

That is a great question mark there. Why ?


Some will say, mostly are the webmasters and bloggers, that kind of blog has no respect towards others idea, because the violation of originality.


That no-respect-towards-others-idea-because-the-violation-of-originality blog has gained a lot lot lot lot of money.

Real money.

*dont know what is 'sikit' in english 

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