Bypass Blocked Website on iPhone, Coincidently

Methods on bypassing blocked website on computer has been spread widely on the internet. Most of the methods work. The simplest way is to change the preferred and alternate DNS address on the IPv4 properties to '' and '' .
It has been months, I tried to find the method to bypass the blocked website on iPhone running iOS 7. Yesterday, coincidently I managed to get into those website while am trying to use the same method (mention above) on iPhone hotspot.

I don't know how it worked, or what are the steps, but this is what I did.

First, I ensured that my iPhone is connected to wifi. Changed the DNS address under DHCP tab in Wi-Fi section to '' . Tried to open the blocked website using safari, and it worked.

But, I thought, it would be quite troublesome if I has to search for wifi whenever I want to open those website. 

With 'I should have try first' feeling, unconnected the wifi, and browsed those blocked website using Cellular Network, and guess what, it still works for me. 

Like I said earlier, I dont know how I manage to do that, precisely on 'Cellular Network', but my safari's iPhone is free :D

Tell me when it works.

Happy browsing...........

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