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Langkah Seremban

Hai hello. It has been a while since my last login to this blog. Seems like there is no interest in me to blog anymore. But then, here I am, starting to write something though I dont have any particular matter to talk about.

My English has kinda improve a bit with helps from friends through conversation in whatsapp, just writting, still didnt have that fast brain to comprehand the task of exchanging language from Malay to English.
Oh Langkah Seremban. Haha. Am in my degree now, Math Management in UiTM Seremban. This is my first time being far apart from my family, exclude all the backpack travels I have done. The fact that I am far and will be here for a long period of time make me kinda afraid, nervous and small.
Am in a new place, with a new surrounding culture, indian and budak bandar mostly. 
They say, be yourself, dont try to change yourself to fit in. But I say, it is important to do so as everything is new. The people, the dog, the lecture, the task, the journey, eveything.